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Photo bags

Whether on a honeymoon, on vacation or on a long hike, people everywhere encounter moments and scenes that they want to keep for eternity. For this, good and reliable cameras are needed, which can capture the experience in good quality. Photo bags from Tenba, Benro, Hama, Manfrotto and many other brands make it much easier for photographers to bring all their equipment safely and comfortably to the location.

Our bag highlights

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Nya-Evo Photo insert G3 L

last offer price 108,53
Price before discount(s): 108,53
You pay 92,25
Einsatz für Taschen, Rucksäcke und Koffer
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Black Deal
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Godox CB-04 Carrying Bag

last offer price 61,35
61,35 68,17
Tasche für Zubehör
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Black Deal
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Lowepro Hardside CS 40 black

last offer price 20,63
23,21 25,79
Tasche für kompakte Digitalkamera
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Black Deal
Black Deal
Black Deal
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Manfrotto Pro Light Cineloader Large

last offer price 230,20
264,09 293,44
Tasche für Fotoausrüstung
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last offer price 40,18
45,19 50,22
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Lowepro ProTactic TLZ 75 AW II black

last offer price 57,06
64,18 71,32
Tasche für Fotoausrüstung

Our top bag brands

For this reason, both amateur and professional photographers sooner or later reach for a suitable camera bag, whether from Lowepro, Tamrac, Compagnon, Oberwerth or other manufacturers. For each activity, different transport options are used. From backpacks to transport trolleys, to simple camera bags with carrying straps, we have the most diverse designs, which all offer special features and advantages. For example, trolleys and backpacks can move much larger cameras as well as equipment, while cameras are more quickly ready to use in simple shoulder bags. But also specially manufactured bags for the equipment are becoming increasingly indispensable for amateurs and professionals alike. The designs and materials are thereby numerous. The products offered go from inexpensive entry-level bags made of plastic to elaborately manufactured special designs. Also robust aluminum cases and noble leather bags for pure luxury are available. The criteria should be met that there's enough space in the camera bag for the most important accessories and spare parts. Depending on your needs, memory cards, lenses, a tripod, filters, cleaning cloth, spare batteries and other accessories should also fit in the camera bag. So that a camera can really be taken to any event and situation, the photo bags must offer photographers a good carrying comfort and also be designed for effective protection against external influences. A camera bag should therefore cover the camera to the greatest extent possible to provide effective protection against scratches and other damage from external influences. In order to be able to transport the camera over longer distances, the carrying comfort of the camera bag must also be optimized so that the weight of the camera and the equipment is optimally distributed over the body. This is done, for example, by means of wide padded straps. In the end, camera bags are very reliable and indispensable companions that protect cameras from bad damage.

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